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Meeting Place 2022 will feature national and international artists, arts leaders and presenters across a diverse, three-day program.

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Keynote Address

Caro Llewellyn

Day 1: Keynote Address

Caro Llewellyn is CEO of the Wheeler Centre and the author of four works of non-fiction including the 2020 Stella Prize shortlisted memoir, Diving into Glass. She’s also the former director of several large scale literary festivals, including Sydney Writers’ Festival and the PEN World Voices Festival chaired by Salman Rushdie in New York.

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Caro began her life in literature as a publicist, before being appointed as the artistic director and CEO of Sydney Writers’ Festival (2002–2006). She was also responsible for the first-ever writer’s talk at the Sydney Opera House, later programming the series The Opera House Talks.

In 2006, Llewellyn was recruited by Booker Prize-winning author Salman Rushdie to run the fledgling PEN World Voices Festival he’d established for the human rights organisation, PEN America, in New York City.

Llewellyn was also the artistic director of both the New Literature from Europe Festival in New York (2013–2015) and the Paris-based Festival des Écrivains du Monde for Columbia University (2012–2015).

In 2019, her memoir Diving into Glass was published by Hamish Hamilton and was shortlisted for the Stella Prize in 2020. Most recently, she has established, a ticketed online programme of live curated events designed to support writers, readers, booksellers and publishers impacted by COVID-19 closures.

Featured speakers, artists and curators

Ade Djajamihardja

A2K Media

Writer, Producer and Co-Founder of A2K Media

Learn more about Ade

Adolfo Aranjuez

Adolfo Aranjuez is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans essays, poetry and dance

Learn more about Adolfo

Andi Snellng

Andi Snelling is a multi-award-winning performer, writer and director.

Learn more about Andi

Artemis Munoz

Artemis is a multidisciplinary artist primarily known for their work in Independent Theatre and Cabaret.

Learn more about Artemis

Beau Windon

Beau Windon is a neurodivergent writer of Wiradjuri heritage based in Naarm.

Learn more about Beau

Carly Findlay

Melbourne Fringe

Carly is an award-winning writer, speaker and appearance activist.

Learn more about Carly

Dan Graham

Dan Graham is a Theatre Director and a Disability Advocate with a particular interest in access support for neuro-diverse performing artists.

Learn more about Dan

Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull is a contemporary musician, audio producer and disability activist.

Learn more about Eliza

Emily Dash

Emily Dash is an emerging writer, actor, producer and speaker.

Learn more about Emily

Elvin Lam

Elvin Lam is a Deaf freelance dancer, actor and visual artist.

Learn more about Elvin

Fayen D’Evie

Fayen d’Evie is an artist and writer, born in Malaysia, raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, and now living in the bushlands of unceded Jaara country, Australia.

Learn more about Fayen

Fiona Tuomy

Fiona Tuomy is an inclusive storytelling specialist.

Learn more about Fiona

Gayle Kennedy

Gayle is an author and editor, and was the inaugural editor of Writing Place in 2020.

Learn more about Gayle

Jamila Main

Jamila Main is a queer, disabled artist, and an ambulatory wheelchair user.

Learn more about Jamila

Jessica Obersby

Writers Victoria

Jessica is an emerging writer and Writeability Program Manager at Writers Victoria.

Learn more about Jessica

Joshua Pether

Joshua is an experimental performance artist, dancer and choreographer of movement, temporary ritual and imagined realties.

Learn more about Joshua

Kath Duncan

Raconteur, journalist, disability arts legend Super Freak Kath Duncan has been in the sector since the 1980s and has travelled around the world spruiking Disability Arts Love.

Learn more about Kath

Larissa MacFarlane

Larissa is a queer feminist visual artist and disability activist based in Naarm/Melbourne.

Learn more about Larissa

Laura Pettenuzzo

Laura (she/her) is a disabled writer living on Wurundjeri country.

Learn more about Laura

Lefa Singleton Norton

Meeting Place Manager

Arts Access Australia

Lefa is a disabled freelance writer and creative producer from Melbourne/Naarm.

Learn more about Lefa

Liel Bridgford

2022 Editor of Writing Place

Liel is a disability and justice advocate, writer, podcaster and trainer.

Learn more about Liel

Lily Montgomery-Primmer

Lily is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist and writer.

Learn more about Lily

Maribel Steel

Maribel is an award-winning speaker, memoirist and author, lyricist and recording artist and mother.

Learn more about Maribel

Martin Sawtell


Arts Access Australia

Martin has over twenty years’ experience as an arts and cultural development practitioner, arts manager and disability arts worker.

Learn more about Martin

Matthew Hall


Arts Access Australia

Matthew Hall has deep and diverse experience in the arts sector as well as 20 years of management experience.

Learn more about Matthew

Mel Lineham

Mel enjoys creating something entirely new from old stories, bringing them back to life.

Learn more about Mel

Meret Hassanen

Meret Hassanen is a producer at the ABC and is currently producing Re-Frame, a television special for the 2022 International Day of People with Disability.

Learn more about Meret

Michael Camakaris

Michael Camakaris is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practise encompasses drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and ceramics.

Learn more about Michael

Pat Swell


Access Arts (QLD)

Pat has enjoyed leading Queensland’s peak body for arts and disability since 2012.

Learn more about Pat

Renay Barker-Mulholland

Renay Barker-Mulholland is an artist, writer, and creator.

Learn more about Renay

Robert Champion

Robert K Champion moves audiences with his haunting guitar music and compelling stories of life, love and loss.

Learn more about Robert

Ruby Hillsmith

Ruby Hillsmith is a writer, editor and poet living on Wurundjeri land.

Learn more about Ruby

Sarah Houbolt

Sarah Houbolt is an experienced international producer and arts leader.

Learn more about Sarah

Steph Amir

Steph Amir is an emerging poet with a background in public policy and research.

Learn more about Steph

Susan Templeman

Federal Member for Macquarie

Special Envoy for the Arts

Learn more about Susan

Tim Stitz

Executive Producer and Co-CEO

Back to Back Theatre

Learn more about Tim
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