Sergei Netchaef

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A man in his 30s with white skin, shaggy blonde hair and stubble. He has blue eyes and is smiling.Throughout architectural studies Sergei developed a number of projects looking at low-cost, community driven arts infrastructure- both social (soft) architectures, and the physical spaces that would facilitate interaction. Working increasingly in arts related events and community building throughout his career, in 2020 Sergei founded MENTAL gallery and studio in the NSW Southern Highlands region.

Focusing on wellbeing through the arts, MENTAL has worked with a number of local artists working with a disability to provide individual pathways for their art practice to expand and become more rewarding parts of their lives. Now in our second premises, the original studio was on the ‘High Street’ of our regional town – and the work is completed in a setting that engages a wide cross-sector of the community, which is key to its approach.

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