Prue Stevenson

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Prue Stevenson uses repetitive and tactile processes to allow for experiences of sensory play, and creates spaces and opportunities for downtime. Working with oil, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, installation and performance, she advocates for the identity, empowerment and sensory awareness of the autistic community. Prue intersects and collides against preconditioned stigmas and resultant systematic oppression, aiming to celebrate and progress autistic culture for autistics, while creating experiences that are more broadly accessible.

Prue is a practicing fine artist, having completed both her Bachelor of Fine Art (Expanded Studio Practice) and Master of Fine Art (by Practice) at RMIT. She is also an autistic consultant with AMAZE, an ensemble member of Rawcus Theatre Group, singer of Ice Cream in a Mug and founder of Stim Your Heart Out. Prue appears in the Attitude Foundation TV Series “Perspective¬†Shift” – Episode 2¬†and the Dylan Alcott ListenABLE Podcast – Episode 4.

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