Georgia Cranko

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Black and white image of a woman in their 20s, looking to camera. She has white skin, a nose piercing and several ear piercings, and her hair is pulled back.Georgia Cranko (she/they) is a Sydney-based multimedia artist, writer and activist. She endeavours to make you think about the world around us, and how we relate to others and ourselves.

Having studied Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, Georgia is constantly seeking out better ways to confront and navigate the complexities of privilege and oppression and encourage others to do the same. Her recent solo piece, How We Touch/How We Survive explores Disability politics, the bravery in vulnerability and the queerness of care.

She is currently collaborating with Crossroad Arts in Mackay on a performance work, Breath in, about the specific isolation and connection in using alternative means to communicate.

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