Felicity Chapman

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A woman of First Nations heritage smiles at the camera. She has short grey hair, red glasses, and a purple top.Felicity is a proud Aboriginal woman living on Ngaro country and is committed to learning, honouring and preserving the ancient Aboriginal culture. Felicity is passionate about supporting individual indigenous people, their families and mobs and finding opportunities for them to share their gifts and culture with the wider community.

In 2017, Felicity suffered a life altering brain aneurysm bleed. Since being released from hospital in July 2017, weaving and photography has been an integral part of her rehabilitation and healing journey. Weaving has been essential in helping Felicity manage life with her disability.

Felicity is focused on weaving together her gifts for innovative thinking, connecting people, storytelling, traditional Aboriginal weaving, photography, healing and inspiring others with her strong business management and administration skills to help build strong, sustainable and inclusive rural, remote and regional communities.

Website: www.deadlyweavers.com.au

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