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A man of Asian heritage in his 40s sits at a keyboard. He has short black hair, wears a striped jumper, and has his eyes closed as he sings into a microphone and plays the keys.David Truong  AKA Ambition Road is a totally blind singer song writer and keyboard player from Brisbane Queensland Australia.

During his teenage years,  David started focusing on his singing, songwriting and keyboard playing. At the same time he was also introduced to the joys of playing sport. With commitment pressures being stretched at that time, He made the hard decision to take up sport seriously, and try to see how far he could go. A few years ago, it became apparent that David’s time playing competitive sport was drawing to a close, and therefore he was able to begin focusing on his original life passion – his singing, songwriting and keyboard playing once again.

In 2015, David decided to go solo and Perform under Ambition Road. The Ambition Road music project focuses on bringing to life David’s original music in a Keyboard driven, Acoustic, Reflective, Folk/Soft-Rock style. On 04 June 2016 , Ambition Road released their first Album “Happy Laughter”. Since then Ambition Road have performed live around Brisbane at iconic venues such as Rics Bar, The Milk Factory and Blackbear Lodge just to name a few. 2021 promises to be another big year for Ambition Road with the launch of their recently released  second album “Tainted Glasses”.

You can check out Ambition Road music here:

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