Finding Belonging through Making Artbooks

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Day 2: Wednesday 16 September

Time: 4.30pm AEST / 4pm ACST / 2.30pm AWST

Duration: 30 minutes

QLD visual artist Debbie Chilton takes you on a journey of belonging.

“As a visual artist, I am travelling on a continuous journey. Recently I hosted a solo exhibition in my home town Ipswich, Queensland. A mixed media exhibition called, ‘Yesterday’. This was a mixed media exhibition, where I felt I arrived at my destination as a mixed media artist. The use of mixed media is evident throughout the artbooks, I create.

Artbooks take audiences on a journey, inviting them into the created space of the artist to experience something personal in their art practice.  I create space in which the images of my mind meet the reality of my physical art practice. During the session, you will be introduced to the concept of artbooks and an explanation of the different elements that make up an artbook. Encouraging you through examples and demonstrations to play in your own creative space.

If you want to ‘play’ during the session itself, you might like to have with you:  Good quality paper, watercolour paints, pens and pencils.  If you don’t own watercolour paints, black tea or coffee reacts in the same way as watercolour paint.”

This session is pre-recorded and will be available on demand.

If you wish to ask Debbie questions about this session, she is hosting a Zoom Q&A session on Saturday 19th September at 10am AEST.  Please note that this Q&A session is not part of the official Meeting Place program and is hosted by Debbie Chilton.

Debbie is also offering Meeting Place 2020 attendees a free workshop on Deb’s Digital Den until 31st October. Please message Debbie on Facebook and use #MP2020 as the code.


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