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Letter from the Chair

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Welcome to the second publication of Writing Place, the magazine produced by Arts Access Australia to showcase the work of d/Deaf and disabled writers. This online magazine has been launched as part of Meeting Place 2021, Australia’s annual forum on arts, culture and accessibility.

Responding to the forum’s theme for 2021 of ‘Reflect, Redefine, Revolutionise’, Writing Place is a way of creating a space to profile the excellent work of d/Deaf and disabled writers.

Following an open call out we were delighted to receive an impressive set of entries from all over Australia and overseas that traverse a diversity of genres. The writings include poems, non-fiction, fiction, with some taking the form of images and video.

Writing Place 2021 features the work of fifteen writers selected: Chelle Destafano, Magda Szarota, Marissa Ker, Alison Paradoxx, Steph Amir, Christine Johnson, Donna Eardern, Ric Webster, Rebecca Harrington, Paul Pritchard, Michael Chan, Clare Langford, Alex Creece, Andi Snelling and Alex Edwards. Their writings can be described as powerful, moving, poignant and at times cheeky – as disabled people we also understand the power of humour.

Thank you to Editor Dr Jessica White for her expertise in the difficult task of curating the selection of entries received, and to all the writers who submitted their work and shared unique and important stories and perspectives.

Wherever you are reading this, we hope you enjoy the magazine and find a sense of connection.


Belinda Locke

Chair, Arts Access Australia


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