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Sacred Space

 By Becky Van Leeuwen

Sustenance; the breeze
Raindrops through trees
Wind in curly hair
Sun in the deck chair

Words for a wandering soul
Waves that auspiciously roll
With a quaint reminder
Of what is now behind her

These memories could be
Her sacred space
Her one and only
Clearing place

Do you like living
In that ever kind
Sacred dreamtime
Of your mind?


About Becky Van Leeuwen

Becky Van Leeuwen is the Creative Writer in Residence at No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability and the tutor for the writing group there. She is a freelance poet and writer and author of the book “Authenticity” published by Brighton Design.

She is an active women’s mental health advocate due to her personal experience. She has attended Flinders and UTAS, studying everything she could think of including history, English, policy, legal studies, sociology and linguistics, just to name a few. Becky is deeply interested in writing as a healing art and writing in tune with the environment. Becky identifies as having a mental health condition that arose out of trauma.


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