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Editor's Note

Black and white headshot of an Indigenous woman wearing a hat with light hair and dark eyebrows, gently smiling at the camera.Probably one of the most difficult assignments I’ve had was narrowing down the final 10 poems and stories to be included in the inaugural Writing Place publication. Such outstanding writing!

From the beautiful, and ethereal to the practical and gut wrenching, I think we have arrived at a good overview of the consistently great writing that exists within the Disability Community right now.

One thing that stands out is that we need to be seeing more of our authors in print, on television, movies etc. I would urge all Disabled Authors to start entering all the competitions and putting yourself forward for every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t feel that you have to wait for opportunities for Disabled Authors. Yes, our Disability does inform our writing but in such beautiful ways. With many of us spending necessary time alone, we are given the luxury of time to explore the nether regions of our minds and produce exquisite, unique writing that is all our own. Don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable. It’s not necessary to be kick arse and strong all the time.

Don’t let all this talent remain untapped. Get out your pens, word processors, videos, tape machines whatever you use and get writing. We need the world to read our writing but importantly, we need to read it ourselves. We are the only ones that can truly do ourselves justice.

Happy writing.

Gayle Kennedy

Editor, Writing Place


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