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Creating Space

By Amy Tingay

Creating space for hard things is something wisdom and resilience brings. Arts play a roll, as things take a toll, creating space is even more crucial; giving voice to those for whom choice is rarely granted.

Difficult conversations shed light on the dark corners of difference allowing others to see the commonality we all share; rather than division and fear.

Behind the hijab, nationality, wheelchair or neurodiversity are friends to be made and new knowledge laid bare. It is where ideas are planted and change begins to grow.

Take a moment, step back and see, creating space is beneficial to you and me; we are stronger together in our diverse humanity.

Equality is the pay off for people coming together, building relationships and being able to truly include those who are just looking for a place to have a say.

No, wait, it is more than that, we must first acknowledge yesterday. Colonisation is enmeshed in the difficult conversations, inequality, death and destruction of today.

Black lives matter. We are failing. People are dying in the cells and on the streets. Those in power, in both directions are protections that discourage change; fear reigns

Prisons are bursting the judicial system is broken. Kids sent to juvenile detention for not doing homework, is just wrong. Ability overlooked, a system that will not bend, disability and race are not a factor; there is no bias at this end, people often decree.

Really? This is all one big mess, we need to get better; free the flag and the royal commission are two places to start. Acknowledge our mistakes then healing can start.

Anne Marie Smith died in squaller, surrounded by privilege; her life had meaning and her death does too. Learn her story so we can do better and follow through.

Power and privilege go hand in hand, but left unchecked tragedy can befall the most vulnerable; the voiceless, faceless many, for whom there is an assumption of safety. Yet silence does little to keep demons at bay, space allows the silence to be broken.

Injustice impacts so many; it’s time to turn the tide. Take a stand, even in sitting with the tragedy of so much change. Be informed, collective pain can drive the evolution.

Education is key, create space and see that out of darkness comes knowledge and possibilities to learn. Solutions are not easy but the privilege of space is up to us.

When you live in the shadows of a world that excludes you, be it race, gender identity, disability, sexuality and so much more. Creating space is a must; complex connection helps strengthen our core. Enough is enough be silent no more.

You know beyond a reasonable doubt that many road heads down a beaten track, where you fight demons that haunt you. Yet the load is so much lighter if you just find space to breathe.

Acceptance flourishes when you find fabulous folk who celebrate difference and allow it to be. In all its glorious possibilities, of art, life, work and wonder. Difference is the strength of space created, so lets make thunder!


About Amy Tingay

Amy Tingay is a queer poet, activist and wheelchair user from Melbourne. She is philosophical, with a background in social justice, activism and politics. Living with CP, chronic illness and pain. Amy channels many of her experiences and observations into her work.


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