Social Story - Attending Meeting Place

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A Social Story is used to describe a situation or concept in terms of social cues, perspectives, and common responses, in order to share accurate information in a reassuring manner that can be easily understood by its target audience.

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I arrive at The Wheeler Centre – a large grey building with a glass and steel entrance – and proceed up either the stairs or the accessibility ramp on Little Lonsdale St.

The entrance steps up a grey building - the sign outside reads 'The Wheeler Centre'

I enter the foyer of the building. The space may be loud and busy with people walking through and talking. I can see that the toilets are available to the right. A drinking water station is available, so I refill my own water bottle. There is someone at the door to the left who welcomes me, and invites me to enter the main room.

A photograph showing the foyer of The Wheeler Centre. This includes a wooden angular desk with a sign reading 'The Wheeler Centre' behind it. A large artistic chandelier made of paper is visible hanging from the roof.

The main room is long, with a stage right down the end and rows of seats taking up most of the space. I pick any seat that I feel comfortable with and sit down.

A photograph showing the interior of the main performance space in The Wheeler Centre.

I see the stage has some chairs on it for the presenters as part of the event, as well as a podium where some people will speak from. There are steel trusses either side of the stage that hold up lights and speakers.

A photograph showing the stage of the Wheeler Centre. Four empty red chairs sit behind a black podium. A sign showing 'The Wheeler Centre'.

I can see several television screens positioned throughout the room, all of which show a closer view of the participants on the stage.

A photograph of the main space in The Wheeler Centre. Rows of people are seated, facing away from the camera. Screens are visible on the side, showing that some people (who are not distinguishable) are on the stage.

During one of the sessions, I get a bit overwhelmed at the sound, and so I ask the staff in the foyer behind the main desk to let me access the lift to level 3, where I sit in the open library space for a while to gather my thoughts.

A photograph showing the library space in Writers Victoria. It shows a large wooden table and some bookshelves with books in a modern building.

During the lunch break in the program, I go downstairs to the Moat Cafe to get a drink and some food. As I’m not able to walk down the stairs outside, I ask the staff in the foyer to swipe their access card on the lift, which lets me use the lift to get down to the basement floor.

A photograph of the Moat Cafe, showing a subterranean venue with tables and chairs in front of bookshelves on all walls.

After lunch, I use the lift to go back up to the foyer. A few of my friends instead decide to go over to the QV building across the road from Little Lonsdale Street to get food, so I go over after I’ve eaten to meet them.

A photograph showing an open plaza with some seating and shops visible in the background.

After the last session at the Wheeler Centre has finished, I make sure I have all of my belongings and head to tram stop #8 on Swanston Street, to travel to the Arts Centre Melbourne to attend a final event for the day.

A tram stop in Melbourne, with buildings on the left side of the road and a tram stop shelter on the right.

I get off the tram at the Arts Precinct stop, outside the Arts Centre Melbourne and the National Gallery of Victoria. I walk past the forecourt of the Arts Centre, which is located underneath the tall spire of the main arts building.

A photograph of the forecourt of the Arts Centre Melbourne. Large trees line the street on the left, whilst a bronze roof covers the cafe. The spire of the arts centre is visible hanging down on the right side.

I follow St Kilda road back in the opposite direction that the tram traveled, heading back to the Hamer Hall building. I follow the path around the building towards the riverbank, where I find the entrance to The Channel Arts Centre Melbourne venue.

A photograph showing the exterior of the Arts Centre Melbourne building. A door is visible, next to a cafe awning with a vine growing over it.

Following this final event for the day, I go home.

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