Adolfo Aranjuez

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A photograph of a person from shoulders up, with a deep red brick wall behind them. The figure stands side on to the camera, looking towards but not directly into the lens. They have long dark hair partially pulled back from their face, running down their back past the edge of the image. They have dark eyes and a thin dark moustache. Their arms are raised beside them, with their hands held near their face. Their fingers are held in delicate shapes, adorned with rings.Adolfo Aranjuez is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans essays, poetry and dance, with a focus on ‘collisions’ of word and movement. His written work has been published widely, including in Meanjin, Right Now, Screen Education, Cordite and Growing Up Queer in Australia, and he has choreographed and performed for Dance Massive, ABC TV, Federation Square, Midsumma, the Immigration Museum and MOD. Museum, among others.

Adolfo is also an editor, having worked with Archer, Metro, Hachette, the Melbourne International Film Festival and Liminal (including its newly published collection Against Disappearance: Essays on Memory).


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