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The Wide Angle Film Festival

Enjoy this program of Australian and international short films, which has been specially curated by the Wide Angle Film Festival to celebrate Meeting Place 2019. The Festival brings films that reflect the lived experience of people with disability to Australians nationwide every year. The Festival screens with a suite of access that is continually being extended so that every Australian can enjoy the award-winning short-film programs.

MEETING PLACE 2019 Program

The Ghost in the Machine (Australia)

Sophie Hexter and Poppy Walker

In his search for liberation Jeremy Hawkes has unleashed the ghost within. An artist, who
acquired disability in the mid career, this portrait of Hawkes reveals the way his disability
informs his practice.

Corey the Warrior (Australia)

Isabel Darling

Yuin and Bundjalung man, Corey Stewart, shares his life as an artist living with an acquired

Well Done (Italy)

Riccardo Di Gerlando

When an aspiring artist visits the local gallery, he overhears a discussion about the
symbolism of one piece of art. The young man’s interpretation is dismissed and his way of
sharing it is silenced, but he sees something nobody else does.

Drummer Girl (Australia)

Sophie Hexter and Poppy Walker

Renee Kelly is a prodigious rock drummer who is blind. Moving between past reflections and
future dreams, Renee’s story reveals a passionate and determined artist, determined to

Re-cal-i-brate (Australia)

In the Loupe and Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E)

This documentary explores Majid Rabet’s journey from his time in detention and the
rudimentary tools and works he imagined, to his current studio and the works that ‘choose
him’, helping to shape and communicate his new outlook on life.

Venus (United Kingdom)

Faye Carr-Wilson

This short documentary explores issues of disability and female empowerment, through drag
queen Venus Dimilo.

What Suffered Inside Me (Canada)

Jennifer Hardy CK

WSIM invites us into the world of invisible disability, particularly depression.

Making Waves (Australia)

Karenza Ebejer

Professional dancer Max McAuley showcases his work which is inspired by the watery world
of his dreams. Max performs with Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre Inc.

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