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anatomia i amnezja (in Polish)

By Magda Szarota

wypadek, który się

nie zdarzył

roztrzaskał kręgosłup.

lekarz przesuwa kręgi

jak na liczydle

rok po roku.

kość wszystko wyśpiewa

ja nic nie pamiętam.


anatomy of amnesia (in English – Translated by Natalia Laskowska)


that did not happen

left the backbone shattered.

like on an abacus

the doctor moves the vertebrae

year after year.


the bones will squall

I remember nothing.


About Magda Szarota

Magda Szarota (she/her) disability & human rights advocate, disability studies researcher, non-governmental organization (NGO) executive & a photographer. Based in Lancaster, Great Britain. 

“Succinct. Loaded. Disorientating. That is my way of trying to use poems to probe/reflect what it means to feel ‘whole’ and in tune with oneself vis-à-vis delineations and interventions imposed by medicine, culture and politics. Specifically, as a disabled woman with invisible impairments I often face people’s reactions that meander between harsh ableism and privileged treatment. Contradictory lived experiences that are interconnected with my ‘untypical’ and non-apparent impairments inform my poetry as well.”


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