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Unthemele awetyeke [listen as you go]

By: Apmere angkentye-kenhe
Length: This is a self-guided tour, not a workshop. Time and duration is to you (from 10am). An Auslan interpreted tour will take place at 10am.
Location: Alice Springs CBD.

Unthemele awetyeke [listen as you go] is an Arrernte language learning walking tour around Mparntwe Alice Springs. It’s a way to hear the town afresh, listening to what your teachers choose as important to draw your attention to.

You can participate in the tour anytime – following the links provided on this page.

Please note: this is a self-guided tour. You will need to pay directly through the Apmere angkentye-kenhe website. Download the bandcamp app and preload Unthemele awetyeke on your device for $10 (pay online), bring headphones, print out the map and take a 30 minute walk around the Mparntwe CBD learning Arrernte language with a focus on direction words.

The tour is appropriate for children approximately 6 years and over. ​ The tour was created by Lorrayne Gorey, Alison Ferber, Michael Gorey, Coco Wallace and Beth Sometimes.

Apmere angkentye-kenhe is a social project made through a collaboration between artists and Arrernte people, examining the potential of language knowledge exchange to affect local relationships.

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