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Under-Stories Revealed

Facilitator: Dirk Sorge and Jovana Komnenic
Length: 3 hours. Begins at 10am.
Location: Witchetty’s. Access and location details are available under Venues in Event Information.
Capacity: 20 people

Defining Understory: a play on words coming from the forest. The “understory” is the ground – beneath the canopy and, perhaps, hidden, overlooked, shadowed yet right under our feet. For the purpose of this workshop “Understory” also alludes to a multiplicity of stories and the need for multiple perspectives. Desert could be seen as an opposite environment to the forest, the exposing and revealing one. What can stay hidden under the desert sun?

During the course of this workshop, participants will be invited to create a “portrait” of a place – from their point of view. The goal is to explore and demonstrate via an embodied investigation the benefit of multiple points of view.

Goethe-Institute logo: black and white, a series of black circles with inside each other, with one circle broken out.The participation of the German participants is supported by the Goethe-Institut.


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