Tilly Davey

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Tilly Davey has extensive experience in designing and implementing collaborative community art projects that provide individuals with varying disabilities access to arts opportunities. She consistently strives to bring ‘outsider art’ into mainstream exhibition spaces with the intention of encouraging creative dialogue between different sectors of the community.

Over the past 3 years Tilly has been the program manager of Hands On Studio, a disability arts program ran by Catholiccare. Hands On Studio provides weekly art classes to 79 individuals. All of the students at Hands On Studio are supported to regularly contribute their artwork to exhibitions locally and interstate and to collaborate with other creative institutions and artists to assist them in meeting their community and creative needs.

Prior to managing Hands On Studio Tilly worked for 4 years as the volunteer art director at Ainslie Village where she re-established the Art Haven. The Art Haven is a drop in art studio on-site at Ainslie Village. The program provides the village residents who face roadblocks such as mental health issues, addiction and trauma as well as homelessness with the opportunity to take part in substantial creative projects as well as collaborate with local artists and arts institutions.

The programs which Tilly produces seek to prompt reflection on the need to break down barriers between people working in different sectors of the arts, such that diversity is celebrated not only conceptually, but as a practical and organisational methodology.

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