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The Other Film Festival

The Other Film Festival delivers an invigorating disability-led program of screenings, talks, industry panels and workshops to showcase and foster the rich talent and experience of people with disability, and screen practitioners with disability.

The touring program offers audiences outside of Melbourne an opportunity to engage with the festival objectives, through a curated selection of films that reflect a broad range of film genres by, with and about disability.

Deaf Mugger

  • William Mager (United Kingdom)
  • 2010 / 2min / Comedy
  • A Deaf mugger must take along his sign interpreter if he wants his victims to understand they are being mugged. A light-hearted look at the lengths to which Deaf people will go to in order to be understood.

The Left Foot Cinderella (Cendrillon Du Pied Gauche)

  • Benjamin Lehrer (France)
  • 2009 / 14min /  Comedy
  • Lea is a modern, single girl in the city. She loves socialising and shoe shopping. But the day just gets off on the wrong foot and it seems this Cinderella won’t be dressed for the ball tonight. Her path is full of potholes and trip hazards. But will her Prince Charming love her in spite of her prosthetic leg?

The Globe Collector

  • Summer DeRoche (Australia)
  • 2012 / 7 min / Documentary
  • Andrew Pullen collects light globes. More than 10,000 of them. Enter a world where a passion for electronics is all-consuming and a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome is nothing more than a label. Join one man’s solo quest to protect a technology that is fast being forgotten.


  • Heidi Everett (Australia)
  • 2016 / 5min / Animation, Biography
  • A dog in a psych ward reveals the experience of involuntary admission to a public psychiatric ward.


  • Sofya Gollan (Australia)
  • 2015 / 12min / Drama
  • Gemma has a gimp leg. Her best friend calls her Gimpsey – a crippling in-joke wearing thin.

Living in Space

  • Katre Haac (Estonia and Germany)
  • 2014 / 13min / Documentary
  • Reality and imagination blend together to make Oliver’s life. It’s hard to resist being dragged into illusion but it’s even harder to get out of it. Using animation elements, this is a compelling depiction of the experience of schizophrenia and the daily possibility of psychosis.

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