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Sit Down, Shutup and Watch (SA)

Film program / Film Futures panel

Sit Down, Shutup and Watch Film & New Media Festival is Australia’s premier learning disability-led film festival celebrating films and new media made by people with learning disability.

Everyone on the Steering Committee identifies as having a learning disability and they are passionate about film and film-making.

Like its sister film festival, Oska Bright Film Festival in the UK, Sit Down Shutup and Watch is raising awareness on a growing international learning disability-led screen culture that seeks to promote cultural change, social inclusion and acceptance of high quality, original work by filmmakers with a learning disability.

The third Sit Down, Shutup and Watch Film & New Media Festival will be held over 19-20 October 2018 in Angaston, South Australia. Meeting Place delegates will get a sneak preview of the 2018 Festival, which received a record number of films from all over the world!

With one of Europe’s leading Virtual Reality and Transmedia Storytelling artists – Simon Wilkinson – confirmed as keynote speaker, this year’s Festival will be amazing. Our first-ever two day festival will feature screenings, talks, workshops and activities with a spotlight on immersive technologies. Come along and find out what you don’t know!

Household Alliance

  • Sam Bateman, Kyoshin-Tekina Studios (SA)
  • 2018 / 2min
  • Terry Coiner, the coin-based star of last festival’s ‘Pinning Down on Luck’, is back, and this time it takes the form of various household appliances. However, as its nemesis, Elric Scissorhead tries to use these appliances, wacky hijinks ensue.

A Safe Place to Rest

  • Arty Party (UK)
  • 2018 / 5min, 30secs
  • A dance solo by Graham Busby. The solo echoes Graham’s restlessness and inner desire to find a safe place.

I Woke Up Sad Today

  • SA Health – Breakaway Productions (SA)
  • 2018 (1min)
  • Facilitator – Marcus Possingham. Camera Operator – Sarah Cheesmur. Technical Support – Caleb Carr. Actors – Kelsey Peterkin and Bue Maher. Narrator – Scott Majury. Poem Inspiration – Sam Cheffirs. Frog Sounds – Hutt River Clare.

Blue Makes Me Feel Like Loving

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