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Incite Arts (Alice Springs, NT)

Film and music program

Incite Arts is a community-led arts organisation that works with young people, people with disability, Aboriginal communities and other communities in Alice Springs and the Central Desert region.

Incite runs programs across a range of art-forms. Our programs increase the reach of arts activities through finding new ways to engage people and share stories.

Our commitment to equality and inclusion creates opportunities for communities to participate in arts activities they may not otherwise have access to (from local workshops to national exchanges).

We successfully design and deliver projects through investing in a shared vision of success with partners and participants, adapting to changing community needs and by supporting the value and importance of cultural traditions and knowledge.

We facilitate safe, culturally appropriate environments that support both first time and ongoing arts engagement. Participants and audiences grow through our ability to respond to and celebrate the sharing of community, cultural and self-identity.

We work to build community strengths, connect people to each other, enliven the arts and cultural life, promote healthy living and connect people to place.

Wanting (projection installation)

  • 2016 / 3 minutes
  • This piece came from discussions with the performers about what is precious to them and what they care most about.  Like an invitation into someone’s life, glimpses of family, friends, country, sky, bikes and earrings are expressed with eloquent care and joy.
  • Video: Matt Woodham
  • Director: Miriam Nicholls
  • Associate Artist: Melissa Kerl
  • Composer/Musician: Stephanie Harrison
  • Performers: ‘stArts with D’ Performance Ensemble, featuring: Brandon Williams, Martin Armstead, Farron Swan (+ Melissa Kerl), Fabian Miller (+ carer Eti), Isaac Trew, Michael Wallace, Harishma Katakarinja, Elizabeth Trew, Devona Palmer
  • Participants: Tiffany Malthouse, Janice Carroll
  • Project Officer: Virginia Heydon


  • Soundtrack creative for Unbroken Land 2015.
  • Composer/Musician: Stephanie Harrison.

Connect2Culture audio story and soundtrack

  • Tiffany Malthouse and Kristy Schubert
  • Recorded by Incite Arts for Unbroken Land 2018. 

stArts with D promo

  • stArts with D Performance Ensemble 

0870-2016 (video and audio installation)

  • 2016 / 3 minutes, 30 seconds
  • A visual soundscape of the community of Alice Springs.
  • Videographer and Photographer – Silvia Storchi.
  • Sound Recordist/Design – Annie Pfeiffer.
  • Composer/Musician: Stephanie Harrison.

Meet You at the Edge

  • 2016 / 9 minutes
  • Meet You at the Edge is a ‘stArts with D’ Performance Ensemble short dance film about relationship and connection to place.
  • Inspired by the beauty and breadth of Alice Springs and its surrounds, Meet You at the Edge is a story of three people’s independent journeys through real and imagined significant places.
  • The three travellers explore inner landscapes filled with memory and story. They journey across expansive terrain to the edges of themselves where they meet one another at the water’s edge.
  • At the edge, they arrive, unite and renew their journey to a temporary island. In close proximity, they find connection together, to the place surrounding them where eventually they dissolve into the landscape.
  • Co-creators & performers: Tiffany Malthouse, Brandon Williams and Martin Armstead from starts with D Performance Ensemble
  • Concept & Direction: Kat Worth
  • Assistant Direction: Miriam Pickard
  • Original Music Composition: Stephanie Harrison
  • Camera & edit: Matt Woodham
  • Project Manager & Costume: Philomena Hali
  • Produced by Incite Arts


  • 2015 / 5 minutes, 40 seconds
  • Earlier this year Incite Arts hosted a creative writing workshop program with 11 participants from a number of services coming together at the Alice Springs Residency for 5 days of creative fun with visiting poet Katie Keys.
  • Delving into the world of language and communication participants explored the notion of ‘self-portrait’ and how to express ideas through the art of poetry. There was even a spontaneous song-writing session!
  • Through a combination of group-writing exercises, poetry worksheets, collage and recording of spoken responses, participants from Life Without Barriers, Acacia Hill School and Centralian Middle School and casa Inc created 77 poems under the title: ‘SELFIES’!
  • The writing and photographs taken by participants were then turned into memes, creating an exciting new way for individual to express themselves and their perceptions about themselves and of each other.
  • Film by Stuart Liddell.

For more information, see the Incite Arts website.

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