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Find accommodation that suits your needs, at discount prices.

Not sure where to stay in Canberra? We’ve put together a list of hotels situated near Canberra City centre, providing a central point for you to access all venues involved in Meeting Place 2019.

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You can find a range of Canberra accommodation options on the Visit Canberra website.

We’ve also put together a list of general travel tips for booking accessible accommodation.

Due to the number of different venues Meeting Place will take place at over the three days, we recommend staying in a central location with good access to public transport, such as Canberra City Centre along Northbourne Avenue.

Get 15% off your accommodation through our hotel partners

Our hotel partners below have offered a generous 15% discount for Meeting Place attendees. Please use the coupon codes below to access these discounts.

Additional hotels with accessible accommodation

Here are a few more hotels with accessible accommodation that you could try:

Arts Access Australia does not endorse or guarantee the quality or access standards of the travel, transport and accommodation providers. We recommend that attendees also do their own research. Prices for hotels are quoted as at September 2019 and are not guaranteed rates.

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