Elvin Lam

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Originally from Hong Kong, Elvin Lam is a Deaf freelance dancer, actor and visual artist. Although born profoundly Deaf, Elvin was determined to be a dancer and artist despite many people telling him it was not possible. His love of the arts began at an early age through the reading of Japanese anime cartoons, inspiring him to create and draw his own cartoon series and he won many competitions at school. He majored in Art at school and went on to study Costume & Set Design at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing in Hong Kong. In 2000 he moved to Australia to study Building Design.

While living in Melbourne, Elvin joined the group Deaf Can Dance (now The Delta Project) performing in works such as Under My Skin in 2016. He continues to practice his drawing, and examples of his work can be found on social media platforms throughout Melbourne. He has an interest in animation and film and is hoping to work in this genre in the near future. As a Deaf artist, Elvin is passionate about supporting and advocating for the rights of Deaf culture and many of his works explore how world and environmental issues appear from the Deaf perspective.

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