Jenine Mackay

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Jenine Mackay is CEO of Incite Arts and has worked with fellow founding staff member Virginia Heydon alongside a professional team of community-engaged practitioners and artists who work in collaboration with local communities to build capacity and share the voices and stories of Central Australia. Key to this work has been provide creative arts opportunities for people with disability living since 2004.

A key achievement of Incite’s arts and disability programs includes the formation of the stArts with D Performance Ensemble (SWD) for disabled artists, the majority who identify as First Nations people, wanting to create and perform self-devised works. Beginning in 2013 SWD presented with the inaugural work “Somebody Everybody”, and followed this with the film “Meet you at the Edge” in 2014.

Incite continues to support initiatives that offer professional development opportunities and disability-led arts experience that supports Central Australian learning-disabled artists to tell their own authentic stories and share their unique cultural voice.

The Ensemble has created new digital works from the Connect2Culture and Move Masters programs for presentation in Unbroken Land 2020. This Central Australian premiere community arts collaboration was transitioned to virtual delivery in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. Notably, SWD live performances have also featured in Unbroken Land 2015-18.

Jenine has served on the AAA Board from 2008 to 2016, including served as Chairperson 2013-15 and in 2016 as Immediate Past Chairperson. Over this period Jenine made a significant contribution to AAA, demonstrating strong governance leadership, succession planning and implementation across the appointment of three CEOs and three Chairpersons.

Jenine remains committed to AAA and was honoured for Incite Arts to work in partnership with AAA to host Meeting Place 2018 in Alice Springs.

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