Tips for booking accessible accommodation

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Tips for booking accessible accommodation

  1. Phone a few days prior to arrival, to confirm booking and confirm your access requirements
  2. Call the accommodation directly, rather than through an agent.
  3. Keep notes: names, dates, times, topics, what’s agreed and confirmation numbers. Take these notes and print outs with you on your trip.
  4. Ask to talk to someone who is familiar with accessible rooms because they have been in them.
  5. Ask questions that will elicit information rather than a yes or a no. E.g. “Describe…” or “Tell me about…” Ask them to send photos if helpful.
  6. Reconfirm your reservation for a guaranteed accessible room a couple of days ahead of your arrival.
  7. When you arrive, check out the room before you check in.
  8. Take your notes and print outs with you.

Be prepared

In the unlikely event that:

  1. The accommodation does not have the accessible room available for you when you arrive. The accommodation will need to find you an accessible room, even if in other accommodation. (See #6 above) “Where will you put me/us up for the night?”
  2. If there is a complimentary shuttle bus provided by your accommodation and it is not accessible. The accommodation may need to accommodate the service in some other way. “How will you provide…”
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