How to Zoom

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How to Zoom

If you haven’t used Zoom before, we recommend you download the software prior to the forum.

You can also refer to Zoom’s accessibility features here, which includes notes on keyboard shortcuts.


Zoom is compatible with most screenreaders. Vision Australia have some great information on how to use different screenreaders to download Zoom.

Using the chat function

The chat window may be used to chat with or make comments to all Meeting Place attendees. You may also select a drop-down to send a message to the panellists, which includes the speakers and Arts Access Australia team. If you have any tech issues we recommend using the chat function and one of our team can help. Alternatively, you can text  +61 419 201 338 or email .

Using the Q&A function

The Q&A function can be used to ask the speakers questions in sessions that have a live question and answer component. You can also choose to text your question to +61 419 201 338. The questions will be reviewed by a moderator. You may choose to send your question anonymously by checking the Send Anonymously box. Your question may then be answered live or in discussion by the speaker, or via text by the moderator. If your question is answered via text, the moderator can make the response visible either to the entire group or directly to you. Please note that we may not get time to answer all questions.


Using the Raise your Hand function

In some sessions, you will be able to use the Raise your Hand button to ask your question. If accepted, this will turn on your audio feed on for the attendees. Use this option as necessary, such as if it provides easier accessibility, or for when you have a large comment to make or a detailed question to ask.

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