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The majority of our program is live captioned by ai media, apart from a couple of sessions that are pre-recorded. For the sessions that are live captioned, these can be accessed directly within the Zoom window. Click the CC button at the bottom of the Zoom window to toggle on and off. For more information on closed captioning in zoom visit their page Viewing Closed Captions.

The captioning for the pre-recorded sessions is not able to be switched off, so will be visible to all attendees.

Auslan Interpretation

Auslan Interpreters from Vital Interpreting Personnel will join us for the Meeting Place program, with most sessions including two interpreters. For these sessions, the two interpreters will take turns interpreting for 15 minutes at a time. This means that position of the Auslan Interpreter on your screen may shift throughout the duration of the session as their video feeds are switched on and off.

We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer if available, as this provides the best viewing of the Auslan Interpreter when multiple video feeds are showing on screen.

Audio description

We have asked all our speakers to audio describe themselves when they are first introduced. The keynote address by Jane Gauntlett is the only session where a speaker will use powerpoint slides, and she will describe these slides when showing them.

The final session of the program, Isostylin’ – Create ya Rave Space, will be audiodescribed live by Access2Arts.


We will be recording all Meeting Place 2020 sessions where copyright allows. These recordings will be made available to all attendees exclusively via Vimeo for a limited time. Attendees will receive an email with more information about the recorded sessions on the final day of the forum.

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