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On-Demand Program

As part of Meeting Place 2022, we are pleased to provide a range of programs that can be accessed at any time.

View the Program for Day 1

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All events will be Auslan-interpreted, audiodescribed and live captioned.

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Art Pieces


Location: Online exhibition

Blindside, curated by Michael Camakaris

Michael Camakaris curated Variations as part of the inaugural Blindside 2021 Artist Mentorship Initiative. Initially an online exhibition, a live version of the show is at APA’s Collingwood Yards gallery. The mentorship program engaged an early-career artist or curator with a disability to work on a self-devised project with advice from Blindside personnel.

In Michael’s own words, “the focus of Variations touches on the relationship between the disabled artist, their lived experience and their choice of artistic expression. I chose this particular theme to advocate for disabled artists, as they are generally under-represented, and often lack a say in how they are presented. Their work is rarely placed front and centre. Often their inclusion is a token gesture toward equality”.

Variations can be viewed online, and includes exhibition text audio-narrated by curator Michael Camakaris.

View Variations

Pillow Talk

Location: Online video work

Jamila Main

Sapphic pain poems to fall into bed with. Pick up your phone. Slide into bed. Rest your head.

Pillow Talk invites the audience into bed with creator and performer Jamila Main for a series of poems charting the flare up of pain both emotional and physical. The work is vulnerable, candid, and uninhibited in an intimate one-on-one format between the prerecorded performer and the live but remote audience member.

Under the covers, Jamila shares the joys and agonies of sapphic yearning bound within a disabled, chronically ill, queer body in chronic pain. Pillow Talk takes place in the online space so often inhabited by disabled, queer people as they love, find solidarity, and connect. This precious haven is shared with the removed audience member through the familiar gaze of the video call, revealing a raw, rarely seen landscape of disabled intimacy.

Pillow Talk is a 10 minute single-channel video work that was first presented at First Draft, and curated by Riana Head Toussaint.

View Pillow Talk

Films and Videos


“In order to achieve true inclusivity, stories should include characters with disability, rather than stories being about disability. Having key creatives in front of and behind the camera are crucial to breaking down current industry barriers.” – Meret Hassanen, Associate Producer.
The creation of a screen version of SHADOW is an extension of the theatrical work, not merely a filming of the stage version. A screen-based project rooted in community collaboration, creating genuine employment for people with disability. An integral part of this was a series of paid internships for people with a disability in roles both in-front of and behind the camera, working alongside and partnered with a team of film professionals and flipping the statistics of representation of people with a disability in the screen industry on its head.

A Back to Back Pictures Production
Based on the Back to Back Theatre stage production THE SHADOW WHOSE PREY THE HUNTER BECOMES

The Other Film Festival presents Flaunt

The Other Film Festival presents Flaunt – a loud and proud dive into disability positive cinema.

The Other Film Festival is a ground-breaking disability-led program from Arts Access Victoria. Since 2004, it has become a leader in the global disability screen advocacy movement – centring authentic storytelling and representation.

All Flaunt films are made by Deaf and Disabled people either as key creatives, collaborators, and performers. All films are free, and audio described, captioned or 100% subtitled.

Please note: you will need to register for an account on the ACMI website to watch the films in The Other Film Festival, but all films are free. These films are only available up until midnight on Thursday 6 October.

Reading List

Picture Books and Younger Readers

Young Adult

Picture Books





Meeting Place 2022 reading list compiled by Arts Access Victoria and Arts Access Australia.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Thanks to Melbourne Fringe Festival, who have put together this great list of shows, events and pieces that are by artists with a disability.

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